Let’s Talk Trauma: Part III

Let’s Talk Trauma: Part III These past couple of weeks, we’ve been exploring the topic of trauma through the lens of our relationships. In Part I,

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She’s Just Not That Into You: Surviving Summer With Your Teenage Daughter

The lazy days of summer are finally here, but you might be finding it difficult to relax if your relationship with your teen daughter feels like an ongoing power struggle….How much screen time? Why can’t I seem to get her to follow through on anything I ask her to do? I want to listen and support her, but I also have to be a parent…Where do I begin?

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Overcoming Perfectionism: A Work in Progress

While many of us develop the belief that perfectionism is something to strive for in order to achieve success, I teach my clients that this belief is actually a dangerous myth. Perfectionism is a particular form of unhappiness – a steady state of discontent – as well as a self-destructive and addictive belief system that can fuel stress, depression, anxiety, and low self-worth.

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